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Guide to Using Rocket Mail Login Apps

If you're utilizing the amazing services offered by the Rocket Mail service and would like to make a new username, password and other contact information to your account, then the instructions listed below will tell you everything about the Rocket Mail login. They also tell you about the new user process, including the FAQ section and the Rocket Mail Sign in tutorial. Once you've set up your new account, you can get it from the home page of your email provider or you can use the link at the bottom of this page. Either way, you should be redirected to an auto-generated form that has your new information input in. Please be careful and read the directions carefully.

Step One: We need to go ahead and make our “email address" for the “mail sign in" process. You will be prompted for your current full name, first name and last name. There's nothing too complex about this step, apart from the fact that you might choose to have two unique usernames. Your “mail address" is only the email of your choice. If you've already filled this out, simply click on the “submit" button on the next screen.

Step Two: This is a very important step, and you need to do this step only once. You will be prompted for your full name, your website's domain name and the personal information you'd like to use along with your username. If you'd like to include your company's name, please enter it exactly as it is. After you've got all the required information, save all the forms.

Step Three: The next thing you will do is go to the “user preferences" area of your account. In this area, you will decide on the “chat" option. Use the right or left arrows to toggle chat between “older folks" and “friends." If you want to use a different username to your “chat" sessions, you can do so by choosing the “Change" tab located at the top-right corner of this “chat" page. When you have finished setting up your new account, then rocketmail login will work well.

Step Four: You will need to confirm your email address before you can log in to your new account. To do this, type the e-mail address you'd like to use in the area provided on the left of the “enroll" form. The space beneath the email address is your site's domain name. The “id" field is the unique identifier number for your account; you'll see it once you have filled in the required fields. For accuracy's sake, make sure your username and email address is exactly the same.

Step Five: Log into your “email sign in" page by clicking the “Log in to your Rocket Mail Account" button. You will be prompted to follow the easy directions given. Follow these steps until you're satisfied that everything was completed as anticipated. At this point, you're all set!

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